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Chia Charge Flapjack

Chia Charge bars first came to my attention as a sponsor of Dirty Dozen OCR races. After trialing the small portion bars and provided with a discount code I decided to treat myself to a box. I loved the product and purchased a second order the next month. I recently got a couple of boxes at this years London Marathon expo along with some of the newer products to the range which all live up to the brands high standards. My personal favourite flavour is the Banana flapjack which provides a brilliant pre or post race energy snack. The bars are also great to keep in your work top drawer rather than a chocolate bar as they are more than capable of satisfying those moments when your sweet tooth kicks in. The only downside is these bars are so tasty it’s hard not to have more than one.

SiS Rego Recovery

SiS rego rapid recovery
Quite simply the next best thing health and fitness wise to the training itself. Another SiS product and another irreplaceable item in my running nutrition. Although the smallest amount of preparation has to go into making the shake over other brands such a For Goodness Shakes milkshakes I personally feel the taste and recovery benefits are even greater on the SiS products. All flavours that I have tried are nice tasting and easy to mix, with my personal favourite flavour being strawberry. Also adding a couple of ice cubes to the shaker prior to drinking makes the shake even more enjoyable after a run. The powder only needs to be mixed with water to produce a tasty and milky consistency drink that contains all the nutrients and electrolytes you need to replenish your body after a run. The ideal ratio of carbs and protein to aid the repair of muscles, thereby lowering recovery time, so I can get out again the next day to train at the effort I desire.

I genuinely can’t recommend SiS and this product enough.

For Goodness Shakes Recovery

For Goodness Shakes Sports Recovery Shakes.jpg

I have tried two of the four flavours available (Superberry & Chocolate) The milkshakes are widely available from a variety of big supermarkets and also online from various sources including As a big milkshake fan these are a massive part of my training not only for the excellent nutrition values and recovery affects but for the actual taste of the product. I believe the milkshakes genuinely work and allow me to recover quickly from the tougher training sessions. I also find they help me get through the later miles in longer runs as I begin to think about the reward at the end of it, a nice cold refreshing milkshake. Its tough to gauge how well the product works as a recovery aid but I feel that they are a major reason why I can run & lift weights almost everyday with manageable muscle soreness.

2XU Compression Run Socks


Although in the minority I like to wear long compression socks for races. Whether it may be an attempt to hide my skinny legs or for the fact I notice a difference i’m not entirely sure. I began wearing compression socks in OCR and cross country races to keep a bit warmer and because my ankle socks continually ended up in the bottom of my shoe. I have worn these socks for training and racing over a variety of distance from 5k to marathon and can honestly say I love them. They are very compressive and do not slide down, even on my skinny legs, while providing the desired feel of support and stability. Although the jury about the science behind compression socks is still out I feel that even if it is just a mental support they provide I found the usual features of this sock excellent as well. The socks are well padded and seem to wick away moisture as advertised and are available in four different colours, blue, grey, white and the black that I purchased and wear. The only complaint could be that they are slightly difficult to get on and off, however personally this is a small setback that is outweighed by the excellent compression the sock provides.

Mo Farah – No Easy Mile

From the moment the DVD titles load the music creates a real suspense and the film doesn’t fail to deliver. Although long in parts the DVD doesn’t fail to magnify the achievement of this legendary hero. A DVD for a class athlete and an even classier person. I am a big fan of Mo Farah, I have always been impressed with all of his athletic accomplishments of course, but also how he carries himself in the real world. This DVD show and highlights both sides of him the athlete, and the man. I like that a lot of the DVD concentrates so much on his family as well.

SiS Isotonic Energy Gels

isotonic-2.jpgHaving tried many types of high carb energy gels these have to be one of my favourites. The gels taste reasonably nice and in my opinion are very effective on longer bouts of exercise. SiS produce a wide variety of flavours to cater for different tastes and the gels themselves unlike many energy products don’t require water to wash them down thanks to there watery consistency and fairly pleasant taste. The ease of use does however make these gels slightly bulky  and heavier than other competitors. I have used these products on many occasions with no stomach issues but would recommend that they are used on training runs first to test your bodies response as I do know of some runners who had issues on first use.



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