Week in Training 04/09/2017

Monday (04/09/2017)

2 runs – 3.1 miles & 5.3 miles – 1:04:36 Not feeling up to track, I decided a recovery run day would be sensible. I managed a daily double totalling just under 8.5 miles at a very leisurely pace. As previously mentioned I enjoy recovery runs for many reasons including being able to run without looking at the watch and properly taking in my surroundings while reaping the mileage and recovery benefits.

Tuesday (05/09/2017)

8.1 miles – 51:08 – Meeting Howard at 8, As I drove to Felsted with light beginning to fade and the rain pouring down! It would have been so easy not to run or just sit in my car for and hour writing a blog that was more entertaining than this! But then as I always do, I grit my teeth and think about all the fellow club runners I wish to aspire to be as good as and get out there and get it done! There are plenty of guys out there who train harder than me but on nights like this I realise how dedicated I am to this sport and that I haven’t got to where I am by fluke, I train hard time and time again regardless of weather or how tired I may feel! Still feeling the affect from Sunday’s double race, I followed the plan the best I could running 8 miles with 5 x 600m strides (5k ish pace) the weather was miserable and light fading I decided to run the felsted 10k route in reverse meaning I would be off the main road before it got too dark! The run was quite tough but I pushed pretty hard while listening to my body and my knee which was feeling the best it has for a long time. After the run I rummaged around my car for some dry clothes before heading up to the small room with the man with the toughest thumbs around.

The legend that is Howard…..

Wednesday (06/09/2017)

Rest day, post Howard and also due to a cold.

Thursday (07/09/2017)

15 miles – 1:44:47 – Feeling more under the weather than the previous day, I contemplated having another day off. Unfortunately with Chicago on the horizon I felt that a medium long run was important to my goal and performance in the coming weeks. From the outset my usual medium long run 6:40 pace was going to be a bit much to ask as my perceived effort levels rose and heart rate increased drastically due to illness. I managed 15 miles around the forest and surrounding areas at a reasonably consistent 7:00 minute mile pace before pushing harder in the final few miles running under 6:30’s. Overall it was a very pleasing training run considering the way I felt and surprisingly I seemed to feel a bit better at the end.

Friday (08/09/2017)

5.4 miles – 41:28 – Another post work easy run, just banking miles once more rather than a structured session. I headed back to the forest for the 5th time in 7 days for yet another off road jog in beautiful surroundings.

Saturday (09/09/2017)

6.7 miles – 46:59 – Working all day Saturday’s wasn’t something I signed up for when I decided to become a car mechanic some 11 years ago. In an ever changing world I suppose its something I am going to have to accept and get used to but I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s a tough pill to swallow. When 1 o’clock came around, a time when I would usually be heading home I needed to get out for an hour so I utilised the time I had the best I could and fitted in a loop of Harlow town park and the river Stort.

Sunday (10/09/2017)

20.1 miles – 2:12:01 – My last long run before Chicago needed to be a good one. Donning my new Saucony Fastwitch 8 that I plan to wear come October 8th. The plan of the run was to run around 30 seconds slower than my target marathon pace (6:00/6:05). With my target time at Chicago 2 hours 39, I will be setting off at around 6 minute miles and seeing what happens on the day. Heading into the marathon I genuinely feel calm for the first time heading into a race of this magnitude, this season has been brilliant for me, improving on my personal bests over all distances while picking up some trophies along the way. I really couldn’t have asked for a better 12 months hitting my targets of improving on my race times and qualifying for that all important championship start place at next years London Marathon.

The training run was very tough mentally especially with no company along the way. I managed to run just over 20 miles in 2 hours 12 minutes averaging 6:33 per mile. The run was tough and tested my physical and mental resolve throughout. It always concerns me on runs like this how hard running 20 miles feels, especially at a much slower pace than I hope to run come race day but its something I have learnt to accept and just trust that come marathon day things will just click. I stopped at the first bench I came to for a little stretch before having a walk and then another run after to incorporate a 1 mile warm down.


Week Review

64.9 miles 7h 32 minutes

Another mixed week in training, thankfully I seem to have shaken my cold very quickly. Some good sessions in the gym, a much needed visit to Howard and 3 good quality training runs.

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